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Designation Place of Region Cell phone No. E-Mail ID
1 M.Vasanthan Regional Manager Chennai Region @Kancheepuram 9786227787 rmkpmtnwc@gmail.com
2 R.Vani Senior Regional Manager  Coimbatore Region @ Mettupalayam 9385648049 tnwcromtp@gmail.com
3 M.Murali Sr.Regional Manager Cuddalore Region 9994535978 regionalofficecuddalore@gmail.com
4  M. Sivajothi Sr.Regional Manager  Madurai Region @ Dindigul 9942171751 tnwcrmdgl@gmail.com
5 D.Sangeetha Regional Manager Salem Region, Salem 9629295700 tnwcrmsalem@gmail.com
6 L.Paramasivam Regional Manager Tirunelveli Region Tirunelveli 9443744142 rmtnwctny@gmail.com
7  G.Tamilselvi               Regional Manager  Regional Office Trichy 6383676803


The Corporation has warehouses at 55 places throughout the State.  The main activity of the Corporation is to provide scientific storage facilities to the farmers and the trading community with a view to reduce storage loss.

The Corporation acquires land and builds warehouses on scientific method at potential places after conducting market survey.

It also provides Negotiable Warehouse Receipts to the producers, dealers and others to get credit facilities from the banks.  Besides, the Corporation carries out disinfestations/ pest control services in their own godowns as well as in various Government and private buildings as part of its commercial activities.

General superintendence and management of the affairs of the Corporation is vested with the Board of Directors, comprising eleven Directors including Chairman.

Five Directors nominated by the Government of Tamil Nadu Two Directors nominated by the Central Warehousing Corporation and Three Director nominated by the Government of India. Chairman of the Board of Directors is nominated by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Board acts on sound business principles having regard to public interest and is guided by the policies of the Government.


TNWC was established under the Agricultural Produce (Development and Warehousing) Corporation Act, 1956, which  was subsequently replaced by Warehousing Corporation Act, 1962.

Commencement of Activities: 2nd May 1958.

SHARE  HOLDERS : CWC  (50%) and Govt. of Tamil Nadu (50%)  

SHARE  CAPITAL : Rs. 7.61  Crores  CWC

Rs. 7.61 Crores Govt. of Tamil Nadu

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